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Happy Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year

Taken in 2024 during the Lunar New Year celebration event. Ms. Wang is the ensemble director that teaches and conducts the top-tier orchestra in Josiah Quincy Elementary School.

Last day of school!

Last day of school!

The Sibelius Orchestra in 2023 and the teachers - Ms. Aija and Ms. Wang

Joint Studio Recital in 2022

Joint Studio Recital in 2022

Left to right: Chia Hua, Kate, Ms. Wang, Yi-Yang

Violin Sectional Rehearsal

Violin Sectional Rehearsal

In the summer, Ms. Wang returned to the elementary school that she attended to coach the violin sectional rehearsal.

Welcome to Jennifer Wang's Teaching Philosophy

Born in Taiwan and nurtured in the rich educational environment of Taipei University of Education, I discovered my passion for teaching early on. My journey in education began with a Bachelor of Music degree, where I immersed myself in pedagogy classes, exploring diverse methodologies such as the Kodaly method. These formative years laid the foundation for my commitment to innovative and effective teaching practices.


Inspiration in Boston

Following my undergraduate studies, I embarked on a transformative chapter in Boston, pursuing a Master's degree in Music at Boston University under the guidance of esteemed violinist Lynn Chang. It was during this time that I encountered a profound revelation while visiting a Charter school in the Boston area during spring break. Witnessing the impact of music education on underserved communities sparked a newfound dedication within me.


Dedication to Excellence

Upon completing my studies, I eagerly joined the Boston Music Project, a platform dedicated to delivering high-quality music education in public schools. As a leading educator within the organization, I have had the privilege of orchestrating remarkable achievements, from leading top-tier orchestras to prestigious performances in venues such as City Hall, to fostering collaborations with esteemed institutions like the White Snake Projects.


Philosophy of Teaching

My teaching philosophy is deeply rooted in the belief that every individual possesses the potential to excel with the right guidance and environment. As a certified Suzuki Book 1 instructor and endorsed in Paul Rolland's methodology, I am committed to nurturing each student's journey towards mastery. Central to my approach is the cultivation of healthy playing habits and the release of excessive tension, ensuring longevity and fulfillment in their musical endeavors.


Empowerment Through Education

In my studio, I foster a dynamic and supportive environment where students are encouraged to become active participants in their own learning. Through the art of questioning and self-reflection, I empower students to develop a keen sense of observation and mindfulness in their practice. Whether working with K-12 students or adults balancing full-time professions, I hold all my students to a high standard of commitment, expecting regular practice and dedication to their craft.


Community and Collaboration

Beyond individual lessons, my studio serves as a vibrant community hub, where monthly studio classes cultivate peer support and collaboration. Currently pursuing a Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA) at Boston University, my research focuses on applying Paul Rolland's methodology to community string ensembles, with a vision to empower students through effective practice and realization of their full potential.

Join me on this enriching journey of musical discovery, where together, we will unlock the boundless possibilities of artistic expression and personal growth.


... there's a reason why I choose to take classes with Jennifer every semester. Her teaching style is not only clear and encouraging but also highly enjoyable. Jennifer creates a welcoming class environment, always bringing a smile and the energy necessary to enrich the lesson.

Christian Mei

...under Jennifer's guidance, I've had the privilege of experiencing opportunities that seemed out of reach for an adult beginner like myself. From nerve-wracking recitals to enriching studio classes alongside fellow students, she has cultivated an environment where growth is not just encouraged but celebrated.

Yiyang Yuan

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