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Ms. Wang has been teaching private violin lessons since 2014. She strives to build strong foundation in the beginning studying of her students, so the students learn more efficiently for the long run. Her ultimate goal is to:

1. inspire students to have a growth mindset--their intelligence can grow by putting effort.


2. help students find their own voices through instrument playing.


3. motivate students to be their own teacher.--conduct self-discipline practice, looking for resources to support their studying...etc. One day when they leave the teacher, they can keep on learning.


1. 啟發學生擁有成長型心智--透過付出努力,能力是能夠成長的。

2. 幫助學生找到自己的聲音,不僅僅是演奏小提琴的聲音,更是能獨立思考、有自己的表達方式。

3. 鼓舞學生成為自己的老師。透過學習演奏小提琴,學生學習有紀律地練習、建立自學能力,有朝一日離開了老師以後,仍然能夠持續學習。





I agree with Dr. Suzuki's concept of Every Child Can.--With the right environment, every student can learn to play instruments. As a Suzuki teacher, I address the importance of listening to music. Just as how a baby learn to speak: before he can utter a word, he first got exposed to this language by listening. I encourage my student and the parents to adjust their lifestyle so that musical experiences will be part of the family activity. I also encourage an adult to participate in lesson and practice for the student's first two years of studying. Although it is challenging for modern family to invest time to accompany the student's studying, those who have been doing so see the process improve the relationship between the parents and the students. More so, the studying is more efficient and effective. 

Good posture is my primary focus in teaching. I believe bad posture, even if it works at the moment to make a sound, it will lead to pain and obstacle for a more advanced piece, and it will thus kill the interests of the student. 




I help my students gain opportunities to play music with others. According to my experiences, playing with peers has a myriad of advantages. To name a few, you learn to be a good listener, and to respond to what you hear, you adjust and vary what you play, which train one to be resilient and attentive--these are abilities that help one thrive in other aspects of life as well! Moreover, by tackling the difficult skills and passages together, the student knows they are not the lonely ones, but everyone faces difficulties in their studying! Therefore, I offer group classes and recitals so the students can join their peers from the studio or other teacher's studios. We encourage positive motivation from peers. 







With a passion for people, Wang dedicates to shortening the distance between the performers and the audience. She is passionate about engaging the audience in her performance. She believes that fine arts serve as an important outlet for human emotions and inmost needs.




Zoom lesson 

30 min  $45

In-person lesson 

60 min  $90  

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