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Title Largo
Artist Antonin Dvorak
Composer Antonin Dvorak
Arranger Jennifer Wang

Introducing your students to the timeless beauty of Dvorak's symphony is an endeavor both enriching and rewarding. Dive into the immersive world of classical music with this meticulously crafted sheet music arrangement, tailored specifically for string orchestra directors seeking to instill a love for the classics in their students.

This arrangement is Grade 2 level according to ASTA grading system. The learning targets include drawing slow bows, while making resonant tones. Dvorak's symphony, as our arrangement showcases thick, rich harmonies that are both satisfying and fulfilling for students at this level. The whole piece is about 2.5 minutes.

Watch it on YouTube  

Going Home (Largo from Dvorak's symphony no. 9) for string orchestra

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